Clicky Cross

  • New innovation for medical control valve
  • One hand operation !
  • More easy & friendly just to “click” button only
  • Precisely control 100% by Open / Close action 
  • Color indicator for open/close status
  • No leakage issue using  silicone type piston 
  • Interface end is suitable to “Luer“& ”Barb” type adapters
  • Disposable used !
Patent  Awarded
20 2019 100 922
CN 207306984

Comparison Table by Clicky Cross vs. Commercial Product

Manufacturer YOMURA Merit  ISM
Scope Normal /
High Pressure Flow Valve
Normal /
High Pressure Flow Valve
Normal Only
Material Medical PC / Silicone Piston Medical PC Case/ PVC Tube Medical PC Parts
Luer Type Adapter Yes Yes Yes
Operation One Hand One Hand Two Hand
 Click only / Easy Sliding / Close by Wedge Rotating Close
No Leakage issue A Little Leakage No Leakage Issue
Statue Indicating By Color Cap By Sound/ Label By Position/ Direction
Cost Low Low Low