double injection
Mobile workstations that can be grouped into cells. Ideal for prototyping lines or small to medium scale assembly.
Supply Chain Mangement
Supply Chain Management

Our Electronic Manufacturing Service (EMS) is used to Co- design, test, manufacture, distribute and provide repair services for electronic components and assemblies for Original Equipment Manufacturers. We have provided Co- design engineering and contract EMS for the consumer electronics, industrial, medical, military and telecommunications markets.

We specialize in a variety of contract assembly levels from high volume, complex electro-mechanical assembly & testing to small volume, conceptual prototype runs. For small to medium device assembly, we utilize a cost savings system of mobile workstations and conveyors that can be quickly grouped into private and secure assembly cells.

Manufacturing Capabilities

  • Electromechanical Assembly
  • Subassembly and/or Final Product Assembly
  • RoHS Compliant Assembly
  • Lean Manufacturing PLM, MES, QMS, System
  • Dedicated Program Management
  • Functional and Post-Assembly Test Verification
  • Material Procurement and Consigned Management


  • 10,000 & 100,000 class clean rooms
  • Flexible cell production system
  • Mass management with Manufacturing Execution System (MES)
  • 30,000 sq ft floor space with room for expansion
  • Large, medium or small minimum order quantity (MOQ)
  • HR expertise to maintain qualified production workers
  • 24/7 operations

Supply Chain Management Services

YOMURA TECHNOLOGIES has many years of material & component sourcing experience and has direct relationships with factories around the world. Our office has been designed to coordinate quick quotes, provide constant updates and track all data needed to communicate with and expedite all client orders. This ensures a smooth transition from placement of orders to delivery.

We understand our clients need to keep inventory levels low to control costs, yet still need to respond quickly for new orders to satisfy your customer demand. Clients can leverage our supply chain management expertise to receive volume quality products without high inventory risk. By customizing our stocking and logistics programs to meet your production needs we can reduce your material inventory during all stages of development from prototypes all the way through high volume production orders.

Test Engineering

Our Test Engineering department is staffed with experienced engineers and technicians who excel at working with customers to develop methodologies and design fixtures to reduce overall manufacturing costs, improve production yields, identify failures early, support root cause analysis, and assist design engineering with test analysis.
Yomura has more than15 years waterproof IP68 test. 

Rework Services

Sometimes rework of existing product assemblies is necessary to fix a design flaw, upgrade an assembly with a new components, or simply to find a cost down solution. Our rework specialists assure that resulting assemblies will meet the highest quality standards.

Certifications Quality System

AS9100 / ISO 9001 / ISO 14001 / ISO 13485 / TS 16949 / UL Compliant / FDA / MFi



yomura secondary assembly
Foil Label Machine
Ultrasonic Welders

Additional manufacturing steps may be required after molding thermoplastic parts in many applications. Many assembly techniques can use inherent nature of the material to eliminate parts. Machining and Finishing may serve decorative or functional requirements of an application. Even though these secondary operations occur in the final phases of a product’s development they must be carefully considered early in the planning stages of a program. The best suited technique for a particular design is dependent on performance, cost and number of units to be produced.

General Assembly Options

Manual Assembly

Educating our workforce and providing clear instructions are key elements for increasing (TWI) efficiency and output of product quality. Easy to understand documents for all operations provide visual boards for production communication. Shift meeting communications and supervisor hand-off meetings reinforce key criteria requirements for production operations.

Ultrasonic Welding

Knowing how to design proper weld beads for ultra-high frequency sonic horn is essential for many production workers. However, understanding assembly compatibility of different materials and how to avoid aesthetic defects on cosmetic surfaces is processing knowledge developed through extensive experience.

Machining Operations

Machining of a molded thermoplastic part is a very common secondary operation. In addition to machining of stock shapes for prototyping purposes, various types of machining are used to remove gates, trim flash and add un-moldable holes and openings.

Secondary Process

  • Silkscreen printing and painting
  • Sputtering / vacuum plating / electroplating
  • Insert nuts, heat sinks, etc.
  • Ultrasonic welding
  • Foil or plastic label attachment
  • Laser engraving or laser carving
  • Medical sterilization
  • Automated tape and reel packaging for micro molding
  • More



Our assembly line 1 was assessed by SEIMENS as one of the top two Taiwan production lines in their QMS Authorized Vendor’s List. We have the ability to meet world class manufacturing requirements in almost any industry.

yomura contract assembly yangmei, taiwan
yomura contract assembly yangmei, taiwan
yomura contract assembly yangmei, taiwan
yomura contract assembly yangmei, taiwan
yomura yangmei contract assembly
yomura yangmei contract assembly
yomura contract assembly services - linkou line2
yomura contract assembly services - linkou line2
yomura contract assembly services - linkou line 3 expansion

Please note, due to NDAs and the confidentiality of manufacturing, we can only show you a few general photos of our assembly areas.




yomura technologies - global shipping
yomura technologies - global shipping
yomura technologies - global shipping

Yomura is less than 1/2 hour drive from the main Taiwan International Airport. Because our shipping area is confidential, only general photos of this area are posted above.