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Contract Mold Manufacture

Yomura offers production molds that will be to customer’s facility or a manufacturing location designated. We manufacture molds for almost every major end market for plastics, like, housewares and delicate medical parts, aerospace parts, automotive parts or tiny parts for consumer electronics. All the molds are built to your specification, including type of steel, runner system, gate type, cavity materials and other features specified. Whenever the molds arrive at your facility, they can fit directly to your injection molding machines and are ready for production.


  • Early involvement in design phase
  • Ability to provide accurate and quick mold quote
  • Low cost, quick build and high quality
  • A price fully competitive with major mold makers around the global
  • Long life-cycle and low maintenance
  • Reliable delivery schedules
  • Delivery of bug-free molds and ready for production as soon as arrival
  • Complete integrated design and project management services
  • Adapting the latest technology in design and advanced machine tools
  • Ability to communicate quickly and efficiently, and easy to work with
  • Close to superhighway, allowing for quick travel
  • Service centers and international offices are available in major market countries
  • Joint mold making operations with mold makers in other countries bring Yomura closer to the customers

Process for Contract Mold Manufacture

  • Customer supplies 3D CAD file to acquire quote
  • Yomura starts the mold order process based on confirmation
  • Yomura sends the 3D full mold design for your review and approval
  • Yomura starts to build the injection mold upon approval
  • Pilot and short production run after mold completion
  • Sample approval
  • Tooling delivery to location specified


Offshore Mold

export injection mold
export injection mold
export injection mold
export injection mold
export injection mold
export injection mold
export injection mold
export injection mold