Liquid Injection Molding

Liquid Injection Molding (LIM) and Transfer Molding are preferred processes for manufacturing solid silicone rubber items used in a wide range of applications such as medical equipment, watersports, gas masks, military gear, waterproof device cases, 3C products and much more.


Shin Etsu / Dow Corning/ GE Silicones

Advantages & Applications:

  • Low viscosity and lower injection pressure, good for silicon molding
  • Good chemical stability and environmental protection
  • High dimensional accuracy
  • It produces high quality parts without secondary finishing and allows much shorter production cycles than other processes.
  • Over-molding together with hard plastic frame (PC or ABS etc.) for waterproof devices, shock proofing, shielding, etc.
  • Very thin wall design (0.25mm thick around) for silicone to adhere on plastic housing (rib) to meet the demand of low profile product design.
  • Water proof feature can be secured by the combination of soft rubber contacts and with constant pressure provided by hard plastic housing (rib).

LIM Molding Process



LIM Samle - Medical
Yomura Liquid Injection Mold - Medical
Liquid Injection Molding - Medical
Yomura Liquid Injection Mold - Military
Yomura LIM - Military
Liquid Injection Molding - Military
Yomura Liquid Injection Molding - Medical
Liquid Injection Mold - Medical
LIM - Medical Parts
Yomura Liquid Injection Mold - Medical
LIM Molds - Medical
Liquid Injection Molding
LIM Samples
LIM Samples - Medical
Yomura LIM - Autopart
Liquid Injection Molds - Aerospace
Liquid Injection Mold Sample - Military
Liquid Injection Mold Sample - Military
LIM - Medical Part
Liquid Injection Molding - Medical
3C Wrist Rest LIM Samples


Medical sterilization and packaging also available