Quality Policy

  • Guarantee product and service quality to establish and maintain customer confidence

Environmental Policy

  • Observe Regulations
  • Reduce Scraps
  • Use Resources
  • All staff involved
  • Improve Environment
  • Protecting Environment

Eight Quality Management Principles are Stated in ISO 9000 and ISO 9004

  • Based on a customer-oriented quality management system.
  • Establishment of leadership and governance, and achievement of organizational objectives.
  • Participation of all staff in the Company contributes to organizational benefits.
  • Adoption of a process approach.
  • Strengthening of system management between processes.
  • Important decisions can be made based on facts, research, and analysis.
  • Continual improvement of product quality, processes, and quality management system.
  • Strengthening relationships with suppliers to create maximum profits for both.

We Implement 3Q for Medical Device

  • IQ-> Installation quality verification
  • OQ-> Operational quality verification
  • PQ-> Performance quality verification



EICC Compliance Training
Leon C. Liu is Chairman of Kiwanis Taisan Taiwan

Faced with today's market globalization and product diversification, YOMURA TECHNOLOGIES is committed to the vision of the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC): A global electronics industry supply chain that consistently operates with social, environmental, and economic responsibility.

YOMURA TECHNOLOGIES pledges that we will ensure working conditions are safe, that workers are treated with respect and dignity, and that business operations are environmentally responsible and conducted ethically. YOMURA TECHNOLOGIES also invites and requires all supply chain vendors to work and grow together for EICC Code of Conduct conformance in order to pursue sustainable development.