YOMURA 3D Medical Printing

Advanced Solutions for Medical 3D Printing

Practical Applications of YOMURA 3D Medical Printing Services in the Medical Field:

Custom Implants and Prosthetics: Manufacturing personalized custom implants and prosthetics tailored to each patient's needs. Utilizing high-precision 3D scanning and printing technology to provide optimal products that match individual anatomical structures.

External Supports and Assistive Devices: YOMURA utilizes 3D printing technology to manufacture external supports such as prosthetic limbs, aiding devices, and assistive tools. Through customized design and material selection, maximizing patient comfort and functionality.

Surgical Planning and Models: Creating 3D models and prototypes essential for surgical planning for medical professionals. Enhancing the success rate of surgeries and patient safety through accurate anatomical representation and realistic simulated procedures.

Medical Education Models:Providing anatomical models for medical schools and hospitals to enhance medical education. Offering detailed visual understanding of organs and tissues to elevate the learning experience of medical students.

Dental Applications: Producing 3D-printed components required for dental applications, such as dental impression models. Leveraging precise 3D printing technology to offer superior solutions to dentists and patients.


Introduction to YOMURA 3D Medical Printing Services:

YOMURA offers YOMURA 3D Medical Printing Services within a cutting-edge facility certified with Medical Device Class II and FDA approval. Our professional team utilizes the latest quality control equipment, conducting 3Q (IQ.PQ.OQ) validation.

The 3D printing materials we employ possess high durability and resilience to withstand high-temperature sterilization. These materials hold certifications from Medical Device Class II and FDA, with notable success in various regions including Europe, North America, and Japan.

As a CMO (Contract Manufacturing Organization), we provide an array of manufacturing services, including product assembly and partial supply within Class 10k/100k cleanrooms. Additionally, as a CDMO (Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization), we engage in collaborative design and independent development of medical devices, holding certifications from FDA and 510 K.

YOMURA is ISO 13485 and GMP certified, ensuring the provision of high-quality products and stable processes. Leveraging our expertise and technology, we meet the demands of major clients worldwide. Through YOMURA 3D Medical Printing, we are committed to delivering exceptional medical solutions.

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