Investment Companies

To Support : SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) & ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance)

1. Yomura had invested & collaborated with Hwa-Kuan company to develop & produce the world most energy saving traffic light. This product is an energy-saving product, in line with world trends and national policies. Using Taiwan as an example, seventy million KWh per year can be saved, and in terms of CO2 emissions, one thousand and eight million kilograms (0.25 Kg/KWh) can be reduced. We will promote to offshore of other countries to use this product to save the power consumption on traffic light globally as well.
2. Yomura also has invested to EZEK who’s innovated triple filter cartridges:  Water produced guaranteed for drinking without boiling.  EZ-AQUA Drinking Water Purifier, uses the advanced material technology developed by NASA, with triple effect filter cartridges to efficiently remove particles, chemicals, bacteria, virus, endotoxin and cyst etc. It completely eliminate carcinogens such as heavy metals and trihalomethanes. Efficiencies of filter materials in removal of Bacteria.  Virus and cyst was certified at 99.9999%。
3. In 2019 ,Yomura has invested and been joint designing  with Ceres Tag to develop the world’s first animal monitoring Information platform with direct to satellite capability through a propriety smart ear tag .we are the qualified EMS & the contract manufacturer of the full  product assembly of the Ceres ear Tag。 

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