Protect parts from electromagnetic interferences.

It is used to protect electrical signals from the outside world.

  • Currently construction methods for anti-EMI are electric plating, sputtering, spraying, electric paint, or the direct use of the shielding effect of metal materials, such as the use of stainless steel, aluminum, iron or aluminum-magnesium alloy and other materials.
  • The metal piece of masking is low cost and meet current environmental regulations. But the processing and assembly is complex and miscellaneous, and being poor stability.
  • Water electroplating, electric plating, conductive paint and other environmental laws and regulations conflict or doubts, the establishment of the new plating plant is not easy in the future will gradually be phased out replaced.
  • So far, workers using a vacuum sputtering process and the magnesium alloy should be the main way to effectively combat EMI.